Rock In Prevention

Rock In Prevention Creates the Rock Digi Program

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, Rock In Prevention is an educational nonprofit that has leveraged the power of music to mount a range of anti-bullying and anti-substance abuse programs. It follows best practices according to the Search Institute’s Developmental Assets Framework. Rock In Prevention firmly believes that emotional connections made through music can fuel information retention and topic understanding in the classroom.

Its newest program is called Rock Digi. This program teaches general life success skills through an online social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. In addition to teaching a five-step process that encourages responsible decision-making, it strengthens the core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship building.

Through the Rock Digi program, Rock In Prevention recently released the song “I Am Rock World Empathy.” Penned by Pat McManus and used in the organization’s SEL curriculum, this song now shares its message of empathy around the world with translations into two dozen languages.


Rock In Prevention
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